We all want life to be more Juicy… So why aren’t people and enterprises Juicier?

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11 min readAug 2, 2022


JUICY — Richly interesting, engaging, compelling, fulfilling, tempting, appealing, seductive, tasty, colorful, rewarding, fascinating, brimming with life.

Juicy is biting into a ripe, rich peach and having the sweet juice run down your arm.

Love, laughter, and warm conversations with close friends are juicy.

Fun, creativity, and deeply felt experiences are juicy.

Doing the work that feeds your soul and utilizes the best of what you can contribute to life is juicy.

In a late-night discussion over a couple glasses of exceptionally good single malt scotch, my good friend Dr. Fred Mitouer and I discussed the question, “Why don’t people choose a juicy life when they have the opportunity?”

Before I share our discussion insights, let me introduce Fred to you. People from around the world come to him and his global network of practitioners to discover how, through his unique bodywork therapy, one can release the life restricting limits of past wounds and old stories that hold them in a prison where the doors are locked from the inside.

In the breakthrough work Fred calls Somatic Agency, people can discover their own uniquely authentic power and create personal agency that allows them to live more flourishing, juicy lives.

Why don’t people choose a juicy life when they have the opportunity?

Here are a few of our answers to that sticky question…

It requires the discomfort of vulnerability

Sometimes people must admit their life, as it is, is not authentic to them anymore. “They must drop their security gates,” as Fred put it. That’s hard to do because they must be vulnerable and willing to give something up that they once held valuable (or were told by others they should hold valuable).

Several years back, while attending Fred’s transformation workshop, an older woman told me she was…



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