The project based work world of the future is a topic that is growing in importance each day.

As William Gibson said… “The future is already here, it’s just not widely distributed.”

We see elements of what you describe in many of our client companies today. Project based work is reshaping everything. At the same time company leaders are discovering the power of project design and creativity, they and their work teams are quickly learning that they all have to change dramatically.

Company leaders have to embrace getting much better at setting clear direction, essential to empowering bottoms up creativity, while at the same time being open to let that creativity emerge in unexpected ways without management’s tight control.

Project workers, contract or employed, have to recognize the newly offered freedom of choice and creativity brings with it unexpected responsibilities. This responsibility requires a strong degree of personal agency and demands they grow their capabilities at the speed of change around them. This shift is like re-experiencing that steep learning curve when we moved from an adolescent to a fully accountable adult paying our own way, no longer held within the Mom and Dad structure…sometimes painful but always essential to shaping our own life.

In addition, education has to shift from industrial age classrooms (fill up the conforming vessel with yesterday’s data) to project based learning… learn by doing, learn by building. The kids who have grown up in project based learning schools have the advantage over those who haven’t. Within these schools, kids learn the future competencies of collaboration, combinatory creativity, and critical design thinking.

So much more to discuss, envision and develop…Thanks!

BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life.

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