I know you wrote this piece months ago but I just today caught it in the responses to a blog I wrote on true values in business. I love what you wrote about your father’s values and how they shaped you. Our values and how we live them is one of the most important things a father has to give.

My son has now built his own young Brand Agency and I can see our shared values come alive in his work and relationships. Yesterday I interviewed him for a book we are writing, asking him to describe a wonderful project he did for Greenpeace. As he told his story, I could see his values being expressed in all of the decisions he made, decisions that are now changing how companies deal with manufacturing toxins in clothing. His values are now changing the values of major brands around the world.

Brian, you honor your father beautifully in telling your story and in how you embrace what you learned from him in your own life. You and my son Drew remind us all why being a father is one of the greatest privileges and joys we can have in this world. Thank You!

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