Being Regenerative: Your Key to Flourishing in the Future

  • First, it means providing products and services that break out of the “Make-Use-Dispose” linear extractive model of the past and moves to a circular economy model of reuse/no waste that also puts back more than it takes out. It regenerates and revitalizes the living economic, environmental, and social system in which it operates, rather than taking away from the health of the system.
  • Second, Being Regenerative means continually reinventing the business model and adding transformative/innovative new energy back into the company. This continuous regenerative flow results in greater value creation and enrichment of life, in other words…flourishing.

Moral, Market, and Technology Imperatives

1. Moral imperativeDo the Right Thing

2. Market imperative — It will pay-off!

“62% of customers want companies to take a stand on current and broadly relevant issues like sustainability, transparency or fair employment practices.

More than half (53%) of consumers who are disappointed with a brand’s words or actions on a social issue complain about it. That’s not surprising. Customers have always complained. What’s different now is that 47% walk away in frustration, with 17% not coming back. Ever.”

“We now have 18 Sustainable Living brands in the top 40 Unilever brands, including all of our top five brands — so this is not something we are trailing with small, niche brands in a corner of the business, it is important and mainstream.”

3. Technology imperativeCreate whole system advantages

A Regenerative Systems level response to technological changes means we…

  • Look for the interconnectedness within the whole to understand the dynamic interdependencies
  • Move from analysis to synthesis, often innovating through combinatory creativity
  • Build collaborative relationships to solve the bigger issues of the system
  • Change from mechanical linear processes to more natural circular, regenerative processes
  • Create open, platform business models that invite in outside input and co-creation
  • Produce solutions that don’t just optimize one thing, but optimize the effectiveness of the whole system and enable it to regenerate and evolve.

What’s the positive payoff to Being Regenerative?

  • New whole systems innovations
  • New lines of business
  • Higher multiples
  • Improved brands and attraction to those brands
  • New market opportunities
  • Increased efficiency
  • More engaged, creative employees
  • Reduced risk
  • New enlivening energy
  • Total company reinvention and preparation for the future
  • The chance to make a positive change to benefit all living systems

Summing it up…



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