Hi Desiree — we love your thinking! Thank you for spreading the word and the inspiration. People have made this economic system, and we can make one that works differently. A system that creates value and enriches life by design will mean all life thrives as our enterprises thrive. As strategy-brand-culture consultants, one of the key insights we’re sharing with clients is that organizations can be even more successful when the leaders think of creating a whole system of benefits vs. just a product (the usual linear focus).

We’ve also put love at the center of the mindset shift too — when we deeply love our customers, ourselves, all communities of life, it actually opens up enormous innovation potential! We love your examples by the way, (the diaper company is a wonderful one), and thought you might like our article and models as well: “Being Regenerative: Your Key to Flourishing in the Future” https://medium.com/@BEAMincConsult/https-medium-com-beamincconsult-being-regenerative-f4d5b97f3f78

BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life. http://www.beaminc.com/

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