Great insights and wonderful compilation Chad !

Sometimes we are blinded by the bling of frivolous innovations (we can’t address what we can’t see)…the brightest and best young minds are drawn to create complex algorithms for ad selling platforms, e.g., Google. We do need to think on a grander scale and address challenges more worthy of our abilities.

Your article does bring up the question of measurement. Tech innovation is one thing but we also have to look at other forms of innovation, like social, health or work innovation.

We are already in the Creator Economy according to Paul Saffo at Stanford and by necessity and desire we are having to innovate our work/social systems. This is still at a nascent stage but stay tuned, it may be one of the biggest innovations yet.

We need measurements for these “softer”, harder to measure, innovations…we value what we measure.

The question is …Will we hold a vision of creating true value for all and a commitment to enriching life?…if so, then we can set metrics that measure these outcomes and not just inputs like the number of tech innovations per billion or the dollars that innovations generate.

About Dystopia —This is a time of great breakdown and breakthrough so we feel both dystopia and utopia at the same time. It’s a bit like standing on the Moon with one side freezing in the shadows and the other side roasting in the Sun. We have to clearly see the tough stuff at the same time we envision the “good” outcome.

I agree that (personal and collective) Agency is key.

Thank you!

BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life.

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