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  • 黃卉莉 Vicky

    黃卉莉 Vicky

    連續生涯轉型,持續突破整全,探尋生命目的,知天命第二人生。期許再創50+意義中年,連結與啟動「安可人生」運動,找回真我智慧,活出喜樂領導,圓滿英雄生命之旅。 透過社會企業家精神,個人與社群的教練對話,關注生命與工作的豐盛,個人與集體的智慧實踐。

  • Hugh McFall

    Hugh McFall

    Cleantech writer & product marketer, working at ChargePoint.

  • Katie Schrooten

    Katie Schrooten

    Lover of credit unions, marketing, design, cooking and exploring Alaska with my family.

  • Mark Tippin

    Mark Tippin

    Designer, Musician, Maker

  • OneinaMil, LLC

    OneinaMil, LLC

    Our mission is to change the way traditional recruiting is done. We put human connection and culture back into the talent acquisition puzzle.

  • gothamCulture


    Empowering leaders with powerful insight that helps drive meaningful organizational change through the lens of culture and strategy

  • Talent Economy

    Talent Economy

    Helping leaders build a better future through the world’s most valuable resource. An HCM publication:

  • Tony Forcucci

    Tony Forcucci

    I share travel, business, and rational thought stories from experiencing a lot of the world up close.

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