Empathy…yep, a lost art…lost to most of us who operate in our cones of limited understanding and myopic social imagination.

Silicon Valley is one among many affinity clusters that we could fault for misplacing their empathy…politicians, corporations in various industries, and just about all of the rest of us.

But maybe Silicon Valley can play a specifically valuable role in helping all of us understand, anticipate and adapt to the changes…and what it means to people who are being left behind by the changes, people who are not us (or at least we don’t think they are us). If social media can be designed to enable and consolidate our social echo chambers (no, it doesn’t quite democratize as promised) can media also be created that enables understanding and empathy? Hmmm, just imagine, just imagine.

BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life. http://www.beaminc.com/

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