A Story of Transformation — Self & The World

During his outward and inward explorations, David met many people who deeply influenced him during his time of discovery and transition.

He told us of how his daily consciousness was shifted by Julia “Butterfly” Hill, the famous author and environmental activist who lived high atop a 150 ft. 1500-year-old Redwood for 738 days to prevent loggers from cutting it down. David said just watching her live her values by simple, small things… like always having a cloth napkin with her to avoid the waste of paper napkins…deeply impacted his own view of conscious living.

What happens when a person like David makes such a fundamental shift in consciousness, a metanoia?

As David will tell you, he sees the world through fresh eyes. He will describe to you how the change from hermetically sealed glass buildings of the tech world to complete immersion and participation with nature on the beach and in the forest and farms, helped him better understand his place in the universe. He loves being at Playa Viva because it allows him to be keenly aware of the stages of the moon, the seasonal changes, the time of tides and sunsets. David has discovered he loves helping to nurture and grow things…plants, animals, local enterprises, people and community.

Playa Viva Core Principles

Promote Biodiversity; Develop cleaner and more abundant water and energy; Create transformational experiences; Promote meaningful community; Create a living legacy.

Transformations such as David Leventhal’s are transformations of consciousness that tap into new values or principles that reflect a different worldview, a different way of being, living and working. When we open ourselves to these changes, we often find a better version of ourselves that wants to play a role in making a better version of the world.

BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life. http://www.beaminc.com/

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