“All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are.”

…stated the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

But “what we are” is not always apparent to even ourselves at the beginning of our journey.

That was true of our friend David Leventhal. When we met for breakfast, one blue sky Saturday morning under the trees in the garden of the Delancey Street Café in San Francisco, David surprised us when he said, “You know, my friends of just a few years ago wouldn’t recognize me today”.

He then told the…

Crisis, Resiliency, & You

Our latest crisis…the Coronavirus… is first and foremost a devastating human health crisis and we hope it passes quickly with minimal impact to health and wellbeing.

But this crisis is about more than health. Like other crises, it also deeply impacts people who work and the companies where they work.

Depending on how you respond, a societal and business crisis can be seen as a terrible destroyer only or it can also be seen as a new opportunity for resilience and regeneration. …

B Corp Torani Takes Learning Journey to Pursue Ongoing Growth

How can you lead a reinventing, ever-regenerative company that produces valued products, is honored for best employer, operates as a socially impactful Certified B Corporation, and generates continuous profit and double-digit revenue growth year-on-year, decade-after-decade—while also continuing to grow personally and professionally?

We asked Torani’s CEO, Melanie Dulbecco, how she accomplishes this. Dulbecco’s Stanford MBA experience gave her the creative tools for strategic leadership, but beyond that she developed a deep understanding of four things that other well-educated leaders often overlook or devalue.

  1. Focus on what’s important. Bring alive an exciting, uniting vision built on purpose and authentic values. (“Everyone…

A guide to creating a brand people love through experience and relationships

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

“Love is the bridge between you and everything” — Rumi

Branding is the visual-story-experience bridge between you and your customer that establishes that love.

To create a beautiful bridge of deeply felt love and connection between you and your customer, the bridge must be strong, constructed of substantial material, and thoughtfully designed to consider all sorts of challenging conditions, or it will not serve its purpose.

Why are love and connection so important to a branding relationship? Because they are essential and universal to any valued and lasting relationship. …

Create a big dream, ensure your heart is in the right place and recognize it won’t be easy… and that’s why you’ll do it!

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills…”

— John F. Kennedy, U.S. President 1961–63

We were reminded of this famous JFK quote after a recent phone call with the president of a company that is taking on its own version of a…

One of the most unreasonable women we know is our friend and rule breaker Ivy Ross, VP of Hardware Design at Google. If anyone knows how to screw up the status quo to make the world better, it is Ivy.

After creating and running her own award-winning jewelry design firm, managing breakthrough creative projects for Disney and Mattel, designing clothing for Old Navy, and running Marketing for Gap, Ivy joined Google to create something they never had before — A Design Department for a full range of consumer Hardware Products.

Introducing the foreign, and, for some “illogical”, concept of designing…

To flourish in the future, influential business leaders are opening to a new Regenerative mindset that changes everything from how we re-design and operate our businesses to how we address the climate crisis.

“Being Regenerative” means to reinvent, regrow and bring in new vigorous life and vitality. In leading businesses, it adds value because it works and it is essential to future flourishing.

“Being Regenerative” means recognizing more value comes back to us when we act with the knowledge of living systems in mind. This comes in the form of financial returns, agility and resilience, innovation, morale improvement and enthusiastic…

“The future cannot be analyzed, it must be designed” — Edward de Bono

Design Thinking is essential to creating a future of innovation.

The leading universities like Stanford Design School or the Rotman School of Business at Toronto, as well as major corporations around the world use design thinking as a significant tool for understanding and developing innovation. Design Thinking grew from the early work of Buckminster Fuller, one of the greatest engineering design thinkers of the 20th Century. Today it has been made famous and accessible by IDEO. …

Last week the co-founder of a Silicon Valley tech company and an entrepreneur from Berlin drove up the winding coastal roads to our home in Northern California, eager to explore with us their ideas for a new company.

Nelson Gonzalez and Jan Bathel’s high energy, creativity and authentic desires to build an enterprise of higher purpose were exciting. What’s also exciting is they’re not alone. They represent a larger emerging trend:

Entrepreneurs who focus on enriching life are redefining the role of business.

What struck me about our discussions with Nelson and Jan was that our guests conveyed the same…

  • Making It… Making the life and livelihood that we choose.
  • Breakdown… When the previous ways of Making It no longer work.
  • Breakthrough… When new ways of creating a life and livelihood emerge, often in totally unexpected ways.

Two enthusiastic, tech savvy millennials cornered me last weekend, immediately after my talk on “The Future of Making It — Making the Life and Livelihood that we Choose.” They wanted to share their fears and concerns for the future and they were happy to see someone recognizing the career dilemmas they face…

No, you’re not crazy for going independent. Chasing a job you…

BEAM, inc

BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life. http://www.beaminc.com/

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